Doubles with Isabelle Fox


We know what you need.
You’ve been trying to figure it out for a while. A longing, a thirst for something new, something thrilling, unpredictable and far off the routine and monotony of your married and business life.

Perhaps you thought yourself satisfied when you scratched your itch, but here you are again, searching for more. A bucket list item maybe, you’re sexually frustrated, there’s something more you crave, an experience like no other.

You’ve thought about it countless times, but why is it so hard to find? All the usual methods are either too hard or underwhelming.

Your search is over. Introducing Estelle Lucas and Isabelle Fox. Two beautiful and sexy women enamoured by you, ready to show you their naughtiest fantasies together, and ready to give you their uninhibited all.

You know us as the best at what we do and there’s a reason why we are Australia’s most elite escorts, in a realm all of our own.

We love sex and we love having sex with each other. When we are together, all bets (and all clothing!) are off. When you see our bodies intertwined you’ll watch our hands explore and stroke the right spots, you’ll notice how our breasts press together. Your heart will skip a beat as our tongues explore each other’s mouths. We will grab each other, Estelle’s slight and sultry frame floored against Isabelle’s tanned and firm figure.

As we kiss, moan and cling to each other’s sweaty bodies, we will reach for a man, the right man. A man that fantasies about two naked girls all over each other, begging for him to join them. And then you will understand why we can’t get enough of each other and why you’ve joined us.

Leave it to us, and we will organise the sexual fantasy you have been yearning for. The double delight you’ve been seeking. Come play with us, the wait is over, have us now and we’ll take care of the rest.


1 hour: $2,200
1.5 hours: $3,200
2 hours: $4,000
Additional hour: $1500

We are both genuinely bisexual and are happy to cater to couples or more. Our attention is evenly spread out and we are inclusive of everyone’s participation and enjoyment. We tailor every experience to match your taste so please don’t hesitate to describe what you are after. We are both experienced in the art and sexually charged to the max while equally loving, tender and gentle. If you feel as though we might be too much for you, please allow us the opportunity to put you at ease. We are the experts at it.

For everyone’s sake, we hope for at least 24 hours notice to ensure we are available and ready for you. We understand that this isn’t always possible and we ask that you contact us via SMS if this is the case. We both genuinely enjoy our sessions together and as a result we put our duo experiences at the highest priority.

We are both readily sought after escorts and we are selective with our clients. Please ensure that you are introducing yourself and contacting us with proper etiquette. Your manner of contact will help us decide whether you’re a client we would enjoy seeing and spoiling.

To make your dreams into reality please contact one of us or use the contact form below. Advertising laws curtail us from describing what we have to offer you but we are both all-inclusive escorts and there is not much we are not comfortable with. To gain a glimpse of us, please feel free to view our breathtaking duo portfolio. And for something a bit more, you know how to contact us.


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